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  • Use it or lose it, people

    The great thing about the forum is that nothing ever gets lost and it is easy to do research about a repair by doing a search.

    If you go on and on by email then everyone deletes everything posted and basically gets annoyed by the constant conversation about what radiator their NB or NA needs after putting a half-million miles on it or about what octane rated gas to buy. That kind of discussion should be in the forum to be discussed by others that have similar opinions.

    The attitude of the web site has shifted over the years from everyone fixing their cars themselves to everyone enjoying their new found freedom away from having to fix their cars. Hence, the lack of posting in the forums.

    I do belong to several forums across the country from BMW's, Viper trucks, Mazda-Speed's, AMG and Corvette's. All cars that I owned and worked on. Today there is a trend that people are not on the forums as much talking about fixing up their cars. Most people instead talk about the next version of car about to be released. However, there is a large amount of information contained in the forums put there by individuals who figured things out and posted their findings in the forum. Miata.net has a large amount of information regarding the Miata's if you ever have a question about anything, just do the search or ask someone.

    Luther Ward, Larry Bader, myself and lots of others have posted valuable information about Miata's and other things like the radios that benefit our club members. Could you imagine how difficult it would be to sort through all the information I posted on the radios if I used emails instead of the forum. I revised the information daily.

    With over 90 percent of the people in the Bluebonnet Miata Club driving an NC with low miles we don't have to worry about tearing into our cars every weekend to replace worn out parts, instead we hop in our cars and go out and enjoy driving them in the Hill Country that surrounds us. If they break, we take them to the shop and get them repaired correctly and get back out and drive.

    Today's Miata driver is not about putting their cars on the track every weekend rather cleaning the car and joining our friends for a nice relaxing drive and visit to a favorite restaurant for social interaction.

    There are those that will argue and say that we have to talk about repairing or hot rodding our Miata's but I think that is the past, today's driver doesn't care. We put on horn's or replace brake pads on Tech Day but major mechanic work is best left to the trained mechanics. Fixed and done.

    I would suggest if you want to go on and on about repairing your Miata - do it in the forum. Don't subject the 200-300 members of the Yahoo group who are all over the country to your suggestions about which part is cheapest and will last the longest.

    Instead use the Yahoo group to inform the members of important or upcoming events or if necessary, conversation that will make the club better and more informed.

    Don Privett
    former Bluebonnet Miata Club web master