2010 Texas Miata Roundup

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The 2010 Texas Miata Roundup has come and gone and it was fun once again to share the experience with so many other Miata enthusiasts.

When we told new members about the fun we had in '05 and '06 they probably thought it was something that happened then but could it be reproduced again for others to enjoy?

I think that with the leadership of Pat Franklin and the help of members of the Bluebonnet Miata Club we did successfully reproduce the excitement, friendliness and fun that we experienced 4 and 5 years ago. I have to say that I think this year was better if for no other reason than everyone was very friendly and other than one misjudgement in cornering there were no major mishaps. There were plenty of activities to keep everyone busy and lots of time for socializing.

When we asked everyone to share their photos with us so that we could create a DVD, I had no idea how many photos we would eventually receive. We have accumulated 2500 photos so that just about every event is thoroughly covered. That doesn't include the bag stuffing and Tech Day before the event. Viewing all of the photos would be very tedious and most people would be getting a lot of nap time so I plan on picking some of the best and trying to keep the videos short and entertaining to watch. The goal is to feature people and cars with some scenery occasionally. After all that is what the Texas Miata Roundup is all about - the great little car and the fun people that drive them - the driving experience is a plus.

Note: The DVDs were given to Pat Franklin who will be sending them out or they can be picked up at the planning meeting on Jan. 8th.