Head for the Mountains 2012

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August 31 - September 3, 2012

With this year's Alpine trip fast approaching have you reserved your room for the event. This is the Labor Day weekend just like last year.

What events are happening in Alpine this year? Will the balloons get to go up? Will there be parties at the hotels or lodges? I guess we will have to wait and see what is being planned.

We had a lot of fun last year but the one problem seemed to be large groups trying to travel together. Maybe this year we can break up the groups a little better to accommodate getting gas or meals. These small towns with their small cafes or restaurants have a hard time handling 30+ people walking in the door all at one time. Another problem is that the restaurants don't have that much fresh meat so don't expect something that is not a main item on the menu to be fresh. It might even make you sick, so just be prepared.

We just have to coordinate arriving at restaurants at slightly different times for supper if we are going to just one restaurant. We can also hit several different restaurants then meet at a spot afterwards to go to an event together like the Star Party at the McDonalds Observatory.

With a little planning and treating the event more like a Roundup with predetermined runs we can all have fun, see more places and find the best roads.

If you have some ideas to make the event better, speak up or volunteer to help. We don't want all the work to fall on George's shoulders alone.
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